interfacing UA privacy settings to plugins

Julian Reschke julian.reschke at
Fri Apr 16 07:58:32 PDT 2010

On 03.02.2010 07:17, Darin Fisher wrote:
> ...

...picking a somewhat random mail to continue the thread.

I just re-read everything that was said two months ago, and it appears 
that it will be incredible hard to design something that at the same time:

- is implementable in today's plugins


- supports *all* combinations of parameters the various UAs currently offer

The complexity of this hasn't to do with plugins per se, but with the 
very different types of data being stored, such as:

- availability of timestamps

- ability to purge items independently of others

- availability of information which site originally requested something

Reminder: in Mozilla, clearing data in local storage silently fails when 
a time range is given 
(<>) -- I'm pretty 
sure other UAs have similar problems, but I didn't research that.

Thus, instead of doing nothing, I'd recommend to define something simple 
for now, having the ability to express what the various UAs currently 
allow to specify, and just return a success code.

At least that would allow to delegate the user's wish to the plugins, 
and to return feedback about whether it worked or not.

See <> 
and <>.

To those who previously showed interest 
(Chrome/Mozilla/Flash/Silverlight) -- could you please have a look at 
this and give feedback?

Best regards, Julian

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