Create Pepper rendering part API proposal.

Julian Reschke julian.reschke at
Thu Apr 15 12:13:22 PDT 2010

On 13.04.2010 21:26, Oleg Romashin wrote:
> I'm was thinking about NPP_DrawImage, and rendering part of Pepper NPAPI
> proposal.
> Would it be possible to create separate partial proposal only for
> rendering part of PEPPER NPAPI?
> I think it would be much more easy to push PEPPER API incrementally,
> step by step...
> I think I can help to make implementation for mozilla.
> It would be nice also include different formats support.
> ...


I looked at the Pepper proposal, and it appears to address many things 
at once. It would be cool if it could be broken down into several parts, 
and maybe one which describes the common infrastructure (-> multiple 
Wiki pages???).

Best regards, Julian

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