Post-Photon Cleanups -- making a list!

Justin Dolske dolske at
Tue Sep 26 16:35:45 UTC 2017

We are currently planning on reserving a period of time for post-Photon
cleanup before embarking on new projects. (Roughly nowish through the
beginning of Firefox 60 in mid-January, although there will be a few
projects areas starting/continuing before then -- e.g. Form Autocomplete
and WebPayments).

Broadly speaking, this is intended to ensure the things we touched during
Photon are left in a good state, and provide an opportunity to fix
technical debt that we found (or created!) that is likely to bite us again.
Code is never perfect, but we shouldn't feel like we never have time to fix
recurring problems, or that workarounds to meet a deadline / limit scope
are going to live forever ( // FIXME! ;). Ultimately too much of this stuff
hurts us by moving slower with lower quality.

Our existing backlog of Photon polish can be part of this, but we should be
selective about what we prioritize for fixing. And of course we will likely
have some important regressions found in late-beta or after release.

So. I’d like to collect a list of things we feel should be addressed during
this post-Photon cleanup window, so we can (1) make sure we’re prioritizing
the most impactful work and (2) better understand the amount of this work,
and how it trades off against polish bugs and new projects.

Some general examples of what I'm thinking of:

   - <panels> on Linux are a constant source of pain. We should fix that.
   (Although this might actually be too big a project for the time we have :)
   - Performance testing issues -- tests that measure the wrong things,
   that have too much noise, or tools/infrastructure that's hard to work with
   - Old code that would have benefited from a refactoring to fit new
   usage, but we lived with awkwardness/fragility in the interests of limiting
   scope for 57.
   - Tests we deferred writing.

I've created a Google Doc to gather up this list. Please add items you'd
like to see us work to this document by the end of this week:

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