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Wed Mar 29 22:04:17 UTC 2017

Hey folks,

Not sure if my suggestion got lost in the shuffle, or if it's malodourous /
obvious enough that it didn't prompt reply, but would landing the
appearance changes as a new complete theme be out of the question? I know
we're tearing out the support for that stuff, at least for third-party
extensions, but for this kind of theme development, it seems quite well

Or am I wrong?


On 29 March 2017 at 08:37, Dão Gottwald <dgottwald at> wrote:

> 2017-03-29 14:18 GMT+02:00 Gijs Kruitbosch <gkruitbosch at>:
>> On 29/03/2017 11:42, Dão Gottwald wrote:
>> 2017-03-28 14:22 GMT+02:00 Gijs Kruitbosch <gkruitbosch at>:
>>> On 28/03/2017 08:06, Chris Peterson wrote:
>>>> It seems like some of the smaller visible UI changes could probably
>>>> ship in 55/56 without needing a pref. Users probably won't notice some of
>>>> the UI polish features until everything is into place in 57. Shipping these
>>>> smaller bits in 55/56 would give us more testing.
>>> Can you elaborate on this? What are "small visible UI changes" that
>>> users "won't notice"? I'm skeptical these even exists, looking at (for
>>> instance) things like
>>> how_bug.cgi?id=1345989 . comes to mind... And
>>> yes, of course these are extreme examples, but I'm also looking at the
>>> mockups I've seen and thinking I don't see anything that falls in the
>>> "small polish" category in our main theming & structural changes.
>> You're reading Chris too literally.
>> I fail to understand what is "literal" about my reading and how yours is
>> less so, and I'm disappointed that you're turning an honest question into
>> "you're (reading it) wrong".
> No need to take it personally, I was just trying to answer your question.
> Clearly, there is no UI change that is guaranteed to go unnoticed with
> every single user. Reworded as "most users won't notice", are you still
> skeptical that such changes exist?
>> We're not trying to make it look like there were no changes at all
>> between 54, 55 and 56, but the changes shouldn't particularly stand out and
>> take away from Photon.
>> <snip>
>> For the visual refresh, I'm trying to be smart and divide the work into
>> parts that can be tackled early and parts that should wait. Nihanth is
>> going to start with integrating our new SVG toolbar button icons in bug
>> 1347543 -- this should land when it's ready (I've checked with shorlander,
>> he's fine with this)
>> I wouldn't have thought that changing the icons over to the Photon icon
>> set would be something we'd do before 57, as that's pretty noticeable.
>> (To be clear, I'm not arguing that we shouldn't do this stuff prior to 57
>> if people are on board with it, but to me this is a surprising example of
>> "small changes".)
> From what I've seen the icons are a bit sharper and thinner, but in the
> grand scheme of things it's a rather subtle and incremental change.
> dao
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