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Wed Mar 29 12:18:56 UTC 2017

On 29/03/2017 11:42, Dão Gottwald wrote:
> 2017-03-28 14:22 GMT+02:00 Gijs Kruitbosch <gkruitbosch at 
> <mailto:gkruitbosch at>>:
>     On 28/03/2017 08:06, Chris Peterson wrote:
>         It seems like some of the smaller visible UI changes could
>         probably ship in 55/56 without needing a pref. Users probably
>         won't notice some of the UI polish features until everything
>         is into place in 57. Shipping these smaller bits in 55/56
>         would give us more testing.
>     Can you elaborate on this? What are "small visible UI changes"
>     that users "won't notice"? I'm skeptical these even exists,
>     looking at (for instance) things like
>     <> .
> comes to mind... And yes, of course these
>     are extreme examples, but I'm also looking at the mockups I've
>     seen and thinking I don't see anything that falls in the "small
>     polish" category in our main theming & structural changes.
> You're reading Chris too literally.
I fail to understand what is "literal" about my reading and how yours is 
less so, and I'm disappointed that you're turning an honest question 
into "you're (reading it) wrong".
> We're not trying to make it look like there were no changes at all 
> between 54, 55 and 56, but the changes shouldn't particularly stand 
> out and take away from Photon.
> <snip>
> For the visual refresh, I'm trying to be smart and divide the work 
> into parts that can be tackled early and parts that should wait. 
> Nihanth is going to start with integrating our new SVG toolbar button 
> icons in bug 1347543 -- this should land when it's ready (I've checked 
> with shorlander, he's fine with this)

I wouldn't have thought that changing the icons over to the Photon icon 
set would be something we'd do before 57, as that's pretty noticeable.

(To be clear, I'm not arguing that we shouldn't do this stuff prior to 
57 if people are on board with it, but to me this is a surprising 
example of "small changes".)

~ Gijs
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