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Mike Conley mconley at mozilla.com
Tue Mar 28 22:53:00 UTC 2017

 Hey folks,

Sorry I couldn’t make the meeting today. I’m at a Quantum Flow work week,
and have a few follow-up things to add:

Regarding specs for machines that we should be testing on, not sure if it
was mentioned, but we should probably make sure that the Performance group
(along with the Animations group) is roped in on that.

Regarding Quantum Flow - here's a quick description on what that is, and
how it related to Photon. If you already know this, feel free to skip

There are a lot of cool Quantum projects underway. These are discrete
projects that are more or less independent of one another (Quantum DOM,
Quantum Style, Quantum Render, Quantum Compositor). The teams are highly
focused, and made of domain experts for that particular region of Gecko.

Quantum Flow is a project that recognizes that swapping out our compositor,
style engine, etc, does not guarantee us a fast and smooth browser. QF is
concerned with finding what we do *now* that is slow or sub-opitimal, and
fixing those ASAP, to give the browser the highest probability of being
kick-ass for 57 (and leading up to 57).

Up until now, ehsan has been taking point on doing profiles and filing
bugs. That’s been pretty native-level-centric (with some exceptions), and
I’ve agreed to be intake (profiling and bugs) with more of a front-end

QF is still kinda taking shape, but the process for getting bugs filed and
triaged is starting to emerge.

Now how does that relate to Photon? Well, QF wants to make sure that Photon
is as fast and smooth as possible. Work has already been done with this
kind of cross-team collaboration and support - the most recent example
being the film-strip technique that jaws and sfoster are working with for
the animated icons from UX (which was an idea out of Graphics after they
saw the UX specs).

I’ll be working with florian and Enn in conjunction with the work already
ongoing elsewhere with Quantum Flow to make this happen. As per usual, I
seem to be straddling two worlds here, but I think it’s going to result in
the smoothest browser ever.

One thing to note: The Quantum Flow schedule
Photon stuff being talked about tomorrow (March 29th) from roughly 1PM -
5PM ET. I’m going to do everything in my power to get those talks and
meetings to happen in rooms with Vidyo capabilities. Assuming that’s the
case, I’ll connect to the Firefox vidyo room in case you all want to

If you can’t make it, I’ll be taking notes. A few others (Jean, shorlander,
phlsa, Enn) will probably be in those meetings as well, so we have some
meeting-note / representation redundancy there.

Feel free to let me know if you have questions! Stoked to ship a smooth


[1]: I assume the Firefox room is the way to go. Do message me if for some
odd reason I should choose a different room.
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