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> On 3/27/2017 4:51 PM, Justin Dolske wrote:
>> The other option is to land Photon pieces behind prefs. This is the
>> option I'd strongly prefer, as it lets us get Nightly testing and the
>> benefits of our normal infra come by default. Of course, nothing is free...
>> Some things are difficult to put behind a pref. And we'd likely need to run
>> a non-Photon project branch, to make sure Aurora isn't busted after an
>> uplift.
> Instead of using a separate project branch for running tests on
> non-default pref values, you might consider adding a new pseudo "platform"
> to Treeherder. Stylo has "linux64-stylo" builds+tests running on
> inbound/etc (bug 1330666) and Quantum Render has "linux64-qr" builds+tests
> running just on central.
This sounds ideal.

> On a related note, there's the question of what things need to be
>> held-back until Photon's release. The general guideline is that Firefox
>> 55/56 shouldn't look or feel different to users, and 57 should be the
>> release where everything is awesome. (Cue LEGO music.)
> It seems like some of the smaller visible UI changes could probably ship
> in 55/56 without needing a pref. Users probably won't notice some of the UI
> polish features until everything is into place in 57. Shipping these
> smaller bits in 55/56 would give us more testing.

My gut reaction is, "it depends". One of the games we are engaged in is the
psychology of tech press, we have to overcome their jaded cynical nature
and introduce them to something novel, and incremental improvement is our
enemy here.

> I recall a blog post from a few years ago (that I can't find now)
> describing how Chrome's UX team wanted to change their tab color scheme. So
> over the course of a few releases, they gradually blended the old and new
> colors, "boiling the frog" so few users would not notice and complain. :-)
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