Photon landing strategy

Justin Dolske dolske at
Mon Mar 27 23:51:59 UTC 2017

I've bounced this off a few people, and it sounds like a plan, but merits a
broader FYI and possibly discussion...

As Photon works starts to get underway, you may start to wonder where it's
all supposed to land. It's currently the 55 cycle, but Photon ships with 57.

One option is a project branch. We did this with Australis, but the pretty
major downside is that you get very little user testing. And of course you
have to keep that branch up to date, monitor for test and performance
regressions, etc.

The other option is to land Photon pieces behind prefs. This is the option
I'd strongly prefer, as it lets us get Nightly testing and the benefits of
our normal infra come by default. Of course, nothing is free... Some things
are difficult to put behind a pref. And we'd likely need to run a
non-Photon project branch, to make sure Aurora isn't busted after an uplift.

On a related note, there's the question of what things need to be held-back
until Photon's release. The general guideline is that Firefox 55/56
shouldn't look or feel different to users, and 57 should be the release
where everything is awesome. (Cue LEGO music.) There also isn't any concern
about if users/press discover these prefs before 57's release. Our target
audience is the release population, not Reddit and Hacker News. :-) That
said, we might still want to think about making the prefs ignored on 55/56
not-Nightly to prevent people from playing/testing code that's out of date
from what we're actively working on.

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