Removal of passwordManager.xul from mozilla-central

Matthew N. MattN at
Fri Jul 26 06:04:57 UTC 2019


Some time after Firefox 70 development ends we will be removing
passwordManager.xul from mozilla-central as it is being replaced by
about:logins in Firefox. Since the about:logins UI has Firefox Lockwise
branding and promotes the Lockwise mobile apps which rely on login sync
with Firefox Sync servers (AFAIK) it didn't make much sense to implement it
in toolkit/ so it is in browser/.

I think the best path forward would be to move passwordManager.xul and the
associated JS/CSS files to comm-central for continued use and maintenance
in Thunderbird (someone can already fork it now since it's unlikely to get
any changes anymore). It should continue to work with the existing
nsILoginManager APIs in the short-to-medium term (with no guarantees on the
long term).

In the meantime I would like to know where I can move bugs that are
specific to passwordManager.xul? We're probably talking about one-to-two
dozen bugs that I would like to get out of Toolkit::Password Manager in the
near future. Alternatively, if you don't want them I can also simply close
them but let me know.

Matthew N. (:MattN)
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