New Lockwise Password Manager UI now on autoland

Jared Wein jaws at
Thu Jul 18 18:56:58 UTC 2019

Hi folks,

I have just landed patches in bug 1560431 to enable the new Lockwise
Password Manager by default in Nightly builds. We are planning to ship the
feature in Firefox 70 and will enable it by default for all branches in bug
1560433 once QA has signed off on it.

If you are a current user of Lockwise the UI should feel familiar.

This UI will be the future landing place for Firefox Monitor integration
where we will be able to surface breach alerts in Firefox desktop.

The meta bug for this project is bug 1549799

The feature is controlled by two prefs: = true = "about:logins?filter=%DOMAIN%"

Please try out the new UI and file bugs as you encounter them, marking them
as blocking bug 1549799 and with [passwords:management] in the whiteboard.
You can reach out to the team on IRC in #passwords and on Slack in
#lockwise. Any extra help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you to those who have submitted patches to this work!

- Jared
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