New 'Toolkit::Password Manager: Site Compatibility' component

Matthew N. MattN at
Fri Jul 15 22:14:30 UTC 2016


I've created a new component (Toolkit::Password Manager: Site
Compatibility) for password manager bug reports that are filed about a
specific site or web app and need to be investigated to diagnose the
problem and prescribe solutions.

The original Toolkit::Password Manager component can remain the place for
bugs about feature requests, UI bugs or general heuristic changes that
would fix multiple websites. The separation makes it easier to
prioritize/triage general fixes as they aren't mixed up with investigation
bugs for specific sites.

Bugs which get filed or moved into the Site Compatibility sub-component
would ideally have a URL (in the URL field + summary), where applicable,
and Debug Logging using the instructions from (which is
linked in the component description).

An example life of a bug about a password not saving on
1) Bug gets filed in Firefox::Untriaged about the password not saving on
2) Bug is triaged into Password Manager: Site Compatibility with a needinfo
to provide Debug Logging and a URL if missing
3) The website/logs are investigated and a cause of the problem is found.
4) A solution to the problem is devised:
4A) If the solution is site-specific (which would mean a site-specific
override/recipe) then a recipe can be made in that same bug and component.
4B) If there is a general heuristic solution then the bug can either be:
re-summarized and moved to the password manager component in order to get
fixed, duped to an existing password manager bug about the same general
solution, or marked as depending on an existing general heuristic fix. I
haven't really decided if duping or depending on the general fix is a
better approach. I think depending on the fix bug is slightly better since
then the bug remains open so others don't file a duplicate about the site.
Feedback welcome.

Matthew N (:MattN)

P.S. Don't forget to update your component watching rules to watch this new
component. You can tell BMO to watch any toolkit component starting with
"Password Manager" to catch future component additions.
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