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Matthew N. MattN at
Thu Jul 14 22:50:28 UTC 2016


Bugs related to master password are currently scattered through bugzilla
such as the following components in descending order by bug count (after
ignoring non-fx-desktop products and platform-specific issues):

   - Toolkit::Password Manager - 25
   - Firefox::Security - 13
   - Core::Security: PSM - 7
   - Core::Security: UI - 7
   - NSS::Libraries - 5
   - …

(source: which is after a mass-closing of many of
them last year)

It's not a huge number of bugs but having them spread around makes it
harder to track and triage them and the components that they end up in. I
specifically would like to move most master password bugs out of
Toolkit::Password Manager since they aren't specific to the password
manager and get in the way of password manager triage as they're currently
around 7% of the pwmgr bugs.

Does anyone want to nominate an existing component as the place to move
master password bugs that aren't consumer-specific? If not, I propose
creating a new component e.g. "Core::Security: Master Password" to move the
bugs to.

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