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Ryan Feeley rfeeley at
Mon Mar 30 18:43:36 UTC 2015

> * I'd like to see this in content, including while entering a password for the first time.  (Especially on mobile.)

We currently have a "show password” control on Firefox Accounts. <>

We just recently started tracking how often users toggle the “Show” control.

We are planning this experiment to turn it on by default (with a more obvious on state) taking inspiration from this article: <>

Anecdotally sign-in success is vastly improved, but we’d like to measure it carefully (it might mess with a users sense of trust in Firefox).

> * I'd be worried about l10n (read: German) and long passwords with this mockup.  Font/dialog sizes on other platforms should also be considered. Especially if this will work in all password fields.

“Show” luckily is not a long word in most languages (except Hungarian).

> * Given that Windows 8+ have a standard control for this, I'd be inclined to test that specific icon instead of text, at least on Windows.  I'd make it a toggle, not a click'n'hold. Main point is a fixed, predictable size and affordance.

That’s a great idea. I need to dogfood Windows more.

> * There should probably be a way to hide the password again.

The password would mask again when the user gave focus elsewhere, and would be closed the next time they open it.
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