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Bryan Clark bclark at
Thu Mar 26 06:28:29 UTC 2015

Hey -

I wanted to send an update to this group on the user research we've been
putting together for passwords.

* We've secured a UR contractor, Amelia, to do most of the work for the
passwords research.
**  We are using a contractor to help our UR team who are currently busy
with other work.
* We have a draft research proposal that I've sent around to several
people, if you're interested in seeing it let me know and I'll forward it
on to you as well.
* Around the week of April 6th Amelia will be setting up a kick off meeting
* After the kick off meeting she'll be conducting several stakeholder
interviews to learn from the people working on the passwords project about
their thoughts on passwords and security etc.
* After the interviews Amelia will be developing a plan for conducting
* The research is exploratory and ethnographic meaning we're trying to
learn what a range of user types are doing to manage passwords on their
own.  From this information we can gleam together possible future or near
term solutions that could solve real problems these users are having with
logins and passwords.

I'll try to send regular updates as I have more information.

~ Bryan
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