project checkpoint in SF 3/20

Christopher Karlof ckarlof at
Fri Mar 13 23:15:47 UTC 2015

Our project checkpoint in SF approaches!

Everyone attending should have received invites to meeting rooms I’ve
booked for the week.

The goal is pretty simple: write patches and close bugs.

Over the weekend, I’d like everyone to think about what they’d like to
accomplish over the week and prepared to talk about those and what you
might need from other team members to be successful. I encourage you to
prioritize efforts that would particularly benefit from the face-to-face
time we’ll have over the week (e.g., over the shoulder reviews, pair
programming, knowledge sharing, etc). On Monday morning, we meet to share
our plans and then get to it.

I look forward to it! Let me know if you have any concerns or questions.

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