BBCiPlayer (TV) HTML5 broken in Nightly 51.0a1

Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at
Thu Sep 1 17:31:34 UTC 2016

 Hello to all Nightly Testers (and hopefully Mozilla devs) reading this!

OS Specifics: 

Windows_NT 6.0, i.e.
Windows Vista SP2 32bit, en-US localization.
All Microsoft Updates (up to July 2016) applied 
(contrary to popular belief, Vista is still under 
extended Microsoft support and will continue 
to be so until April 2017!).

Nightly specifics:

Version: 51.0a1 (x86)
BuildID: 20160901030202
Built from

BBC iPlayer Requirements

1. You must have a valid UK IP address 
(or "acquire" one that has not been 
blacklisted by BBC's geo-location filter ;-) ).
2. As of today, to access video-on-demand, 
you have to be covered by a valid UK TV 
licence; for testing purposes in the context 
of this report, click the 
"I have a TV Licence." phrase in the pop-up... 

iPlayer HTML5 Requirements

1. If you do not have the Flash NPAPI plugin 
installed, then iPlayer will default to HTML5 
in Nightly 51.0a1
2. If you do have the Flash NPAPI plugin installed, 
then do one of two things: 

a: about:addons => Plugins => 
Shockwave Flash => Never Activate 
and restart Nightly

b. Visit:

and on the top right click the 
"Opt in to the HTML5 Player" 
blue ribbon - a cookie is set and 
the wording changes to 
"Opt out of the HTML5 Player" 
Take care NOT to delete that 
cookie during your test.

Visit a VOD iPlayer page, e.g.

Click the "Play" icon on the player; 
agree to the age check and not set 
Parental Guidance Lock by clicking Play: 

Expected results: 

The video should start playing...

Actual results: 

1. If NPAPI Flash is not installed or it's disabled, 
then you get a 

"This content cannot be played in 
our HTML5 Player
Download Flash Player now"

screen message. 

2. If NPAPI Flash is installed and enabled 
but you have opted in to HTML5 via a set cookie, 
you get another failure message with different wording: 

"This content doesn't seem to 
be working. 
Please try again later."

In both cases 1 & 2, web console reports: 

"Media resource blob: could not be decoded." 

I consider this to be an important bug, 
because BBC will eventually switch to their  
HTML5 player exclusively, so expect all UK 
users to be really upset... 

I got access to sister's Windows 7 SP1 64bit 
laptop and the bug is reproducible there, too! 
Starting a new clean profile in latest Nightly 51.0a1 
makes no difference; the same goes for enabling/
disabling e10s...

As of now, DeveloperEdition 50.0a2, Beta 49.0b8 
and Release 48.0.2 remain unaffected.

To aid the devs, I spent this afternoon (in my timezone) 
to do a dissection and found out that: 

Last good build: Nightly-51.0a1.en-US.win32[20160823030224]
First bad build: Nightly-51.0a1.en-US.win32[20160823072522]

Regression range:

So it was the re-spin on Aug 23rd that broke things! 
There are exactly 190 csets in that range, I'll leave it to 
the experts to pinpoint probable culprits...

I lack adequate Bugzilla skills/account, so I kindly ask 
one of my readers to file an appropriate bug... :-)

Kind regards
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