Firefox 4 Release Candidate available for testing!

Marcia Knous marcia at
Tue Mar 8 13:57:40 PST 2011

Once again, warm greetings to all of our great community testers - you are our most valuable resource. We now have a*Firefox 4 Release candidate*  available for testing. We would like your help in testing the build and identifying any possible regressions or issues.

*What to Test/Where to Get Builds:*

*Please see -

Please hammer on these builds mercilessly to make sure that things work well!

*Some cool things to try:
** Windows 7 Users only: Try out the sites listed at the bottom of this page:
** Try out the Web of Wonder Demos:
** Try out Firefox Panorama!
** Try out Firefox Sync! Sync to your Android or iPhone!
** Install and run the GrafxBot Addon -
** Make sure to go to Mozilla Plugin Check  to verify you are running the latest version of Flash and other plugins.
** Explore some other focus areas:

How to Report Feedback:
(1) File a bug inBugzilla  <>. *Note in the comment if it is a*regression*  from a previous beta release. Things to remember when filing a bug:
(a) Always include the*Build ID*  that you tested on. If you type about: in the URL bar, this will give you the Build ID.
(b) Always include clear*Steps to Reproduce*  the bug
(c) Always check to see if your bug has already been filed.
(d) Use the regression keyword if it indeed a regression from a previous release.
(e) If you happen to crash, please submit your crash information! This helps us continually improve the product. Please also include the Breakpad Crash ID in the bug. You can get the crash ID by typing about:crashes in the URL bar.
(f) If you tend to run with lots of extensions, try starting Firefox in*Safe Mode*  before filing to bug to see if the problem persists.

(2) If you don't wish to file a bug, report issues through the Firefox Feedback button,  or through the newsgroup (also available on Google Groups). However, we prefer bugs as feedback is easier to track.

Thanks in advance to all of you for helping test Firefox and making it the browser of choice for millions of people all over the world!


-Marcia and Tomcat
Team Mozilla QA

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