No more Android Talos, no more Pandas

Geoffrey Brown gbrown at
Thu Mar 10 16:57:33 UTC 2016

Beginning today, Talos tests are no longer running for Android, on any tree.

Corresponding tests are now running in Autophone, on real phones, on most

Autophone tests are currently "Tier 3", so they are not visible by default.
To see autophone results in treeherder, select "Show Tier 3" from
Treeherder's "Tiers" dropdown and toggle "Show/hide excluded results". For
example, [1]. Autophone "svg" and "tpn" tests run similar code and report
similar measurements as the old Talos tests with the same names.

Autophone test results can also be tracked in Perfherder. Use Perfherder's
"Add more test data", select the "android-6-0-armv8-api15" platform and
tests such as "remote-tp4m summary opt" or "remote-tsvg summary opt". For
example, [2].

Incidentally, Talos tests were our last users of Pandaboards; all Pandas
are now being decommissioned. Goodbye Pandas!


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