targetSdkVersion=23 and runtime permissions

Sebastian Kaspari s.kaspari at
Tue Jan 19 11:18:32 UTC 2016

Good news, everyone! [1]

I just pushed a pile of patches to fx-team that set targetSdkVersion=23 and
add basic support for runtime permissions[2] (bug 1212830 [3]). (Please
don't get backed out..)

It's likely that I broke things. Help testing this is highly appreciated!
Browsing itself doesn't need any of the permissions, so most users
shouldn't even notice a difference. Additionally users updating the app
from a version with install-time permissions will keep all permissions and
do not need to grant any permissions again. So if you want to see this in
action you either need to re-install the app or manually withdraw the
permissions in Android's settings.

Please file bugs blocking meta bug 1212830 [3]. As I said support for
runtime permissions is very basic. This means I didn't add any additional
strings or UI elements. I filed meta bug 1239284 [4] to track ideas how
this can be improved. There aren't any bugs linked to this bug yet, but I'm
going to file some now.

Fennec developers: If your code requires a dangerous permission (Currently
that's Storage, Location, Camera or Microphone in Fennec) then you have to
take care of checking or requesting the permission. I wrote some helpers
for that. For now have look at and my patches:

Add-on developers: Add-ons that might touch code that requires certain
permissions might need to do a permission check themselves
(RuntimePermissions.jsm). I didn't test add-ons thoroughly and the
JavaScript module only covers use cases we have in Fennec itself. (This
might need a more broader notification of developers.


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