Supported Android versions are changing in Firefox 46

Richard Newman rnewman at
Wed Jan 6 19:48:37 UTC 2016

A quick follow-up on this:

We noticed that Android API 14 (4.0.0–4.0.2) use is astonishingly low on
ARM, too, so we took this opportunity to kill support for that alongside
x86. See Bug 1237342 <>.

That means that both our ARM and x86 mainline builds are now *API 15+*

For the moment we continue to support our Gingerbread API 9-10 build, but
do follow Bug 1220184
<> for
EOL on that front.

On Thu, Dec 31, 2015 at 6:55 PM, Richard Newman <rnewman at> wrote:

> tl;dr: Firefox for Android will no longer support Honeycomb (API 11-13)
> devices as of Firefox 46.
> We just landed a change for Android ARM builds in Bug 1155801
> <>. This change takes
> our supported API versions from
>   9-10, 11+
> to
>   9-10, 14+
> That is, we have maintained our Gingerbread-only build, and eliminated
> support for Honeycomb from our main build.
> This change also applies to b2gdroid (which will now be 14+ only).
> x86 builds will shortly shift to support only 15+, because the number of
> x86 devices running API 14 or lower is vanishingly small. That work is
> tracked in Bug 1062537
> <>.
> The motivation for this change is straightforward: Honeycomb is an
> outdated Android version that takes a disproportionate amount of effort to
> test and keep working. It doesn't have many users, it's hard to get test
> devices, and we have bunch of code that exists just for Honeycomb
> compatibility.
> We expect both developer productivity and APK size improvements from the
> follow-up work in Bug 1217675
> <>.
> Honeycomb devices that have already installed Firefox from Google Play
> will no longer see updates past Firefox 45. New Honeycomb devices won't see
> Firefox as available at all. We plan to stop serving Nightly and Aurora
> updates via Firefox's own internal updater as soon as this change sticks.
> Thanks to everyone who did the legwork for testing and reviewing, and
> thanks in advance to the folks who'll be tackling the updater changes,
> release notes, etc. etc.
> Any questions: please contact me, :nalexander, :liuche, or :margaret.
> Happy new year!
> -R
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