Memory Usage on Perfherder & Memory Reduction

Mark Finkle mfinkle at
Tue Feb 9 22:25:36 UTC 2016

Hi All,

Recently Geoff Brown landed an AWSY-like system [1] for tracking memory
usage on Perfherder. This is awesome. It's one of my pinned tabs.

I was happy to see two recent "drops" in memory usage:

1. A ~3% drop in "Resident Memory Tabs closed [+30s]", likely due to Bug
990916 which expires displayports[mozilla-inbound,f9cdadf297fd409c043e8114ed0fa656334e7fad,1]&zoom=1454516622714.927,1454583882842.8733,181623181.32925725,250028978.43070653

2. A ~2% drop across all memory tracking sometime on Feb8. Hard to pick a
changeset, but the drop happened when inbound was merged to fx-team.,f9cdadf297fd409c043e8114ed0fa656334e7fad,1%5D

Great to see drops in memory usage!

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