Reading List Migration on Nightly: reading list has moved into Bookmarks

Andrzej Hunt ahunt at
Sat Apr 9 23:59:19 UTC 2016

Hi All,

The reading list migration has just landed on nightly: this moves our 
former reading-list functionality into bookmarks, and lets users save 
content consistently across normal pages, and reader view pages. Reader 
view pages will still be saved offline as before, they are simply listed 
in a new location.

This is still a work-in-progress, with some improvements to come (the 
metabug tracking this lives at [1]) however the basic functionality 
should be very similar:

- Reader View items can be saved offline, using the bookmark star 
instead of the "add to reading list" menu items.

- Saved reader view items are added to bookmarks instead of to the 
reading-list. There is a new offline indicator for saved reader view 
items, tapping on these offline bookmarks will open them directly into 
reader view.

- All reader-view items are also listed in a "Reading List" smartfolder. 
This currently looks like a plain bookmarks folder, but it should gain a 
better icon in Bug 1246243.

I'm currently looking at Bookmark Folder management (Bug 1232437 - [2]). 
This will make it easier to organise bookmarks, and is also one of the 
primary reasons for implementing the smartfolder, as the smartfolder 
shows all saved reader view items regardless of the folder they're 
actually saved in. This is most likely to land in 49 as opposed to 48.





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