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Alex Davis adavis at mozilla.com
Fri Oct 23 22:26:45 UTC 2015

Hi All,

We wanted to follow up on an email sent in May by Winston regarding the
Adjust SDK we implemented for the Spring campaign.

As a reminder, mobile installs come from App Stores, and it's challenging
to integrate directly to those systems. That’s where the Adjust SDK came
in. This tool has ensured that we're not flying blind with our ad spend.

Here’s some background on the Adjust SDK:


   This is an open source SDK developed by a company based in Germany who
   is beholden to the strictest EU privacy standards.

   We will collect the absolute minimum data required to optimize our ad

   We’re paying for the SDK and service, which is good because the vendor's
   model is not based on monetizing our data in aggregate to develop
   behavioral segments for other advertisers.

   This will allow real-time optimization of marketing dollars, much like
   virtually all major mobile apps do, and much like we have already been able
   to do on paid marketing desktop for quite some time.

We did an enormous amount of due diligence prior to integration. Adjust
went through a legal and privacy review. It also went through and open
source review/analysis. As we mentioned in May, there were good reasons for
collecting this data. Our marketing and growth goals of 2015 require
spending non-trivial amounts of money.

The plan was to utilize Adjust until spending was completed on July 12.  At
the completion of the campaign, we said we would evaluate the success and
make a decision as to whether or not Adjust will be used in future
campaigns and releases.

We’ve decided to keep Adjust in Firefox for Android and to add the Adjust
SDK into iOS. The SDK proved to be an extremely valuable tool that has
allowed us to not just measure the effectiveness of our campaigns, but also
make real time changes to optimize our efforts. Understanding what worked
and what didn’t has also informed the decisions we’ve made about our
messages for our upcoming fall campaign. We plan on using Adjust as long as
it remains effective at providing this value.

We’ve also made a change to our data collection practice to improve the
efficiency of our ad spend. On Android, rather than sending only one ping
to Adjust after install to optimize our initiatives around installs, we
will be sending a ping each time our app is opened. This provides insight
into active users rather than just installs. We’ve also tied the Adjust
ping on Android to the Firefox Health Report (FHR) setting, so our users
can turn off the data collection if they want. For iOS, we are initially
only going to send one ping on install, but we plan in the future to
implement the same approach as Android and tie the data collection to our
FHR setting.

We think this approach helps get us the data we need to know we are
building a successful product while at the same time respecting our users
and providing them with control. It’s is a good example of how we are
practicing what we are preaching in the fall campaign.

If you have any questions, feel free to email directly.

Many thanks,

Alex Davis
Growth Team | Mountain View
(415) 769-9247
IRC: adavis
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