Firefox for Android Telemetry - next steps

Georg Fritzsche gfritzsche at
Thu Nov 26 18:00:12 UTC 2015


given the imminent shutdown of the FHR v2/v3 pipeline, Margaret and i got
together and discussed short-term options and future work for Android.

The first actions we need for Fennec 43+ are:


   Disable FHR upload for 43+ - the safe approach is to just stop sending
   data to the soon unused pipeline

   Adjust gives the mobile team some short-term data - this might be
   extended temporarily

   We need to find out what to do with mobile about:healthreport for 43+ -
   turn it off, leave it, …

For future steps we are looking at:


   removing FHR (bug 1183320

   investigating how to get critical metrics for Fennec from Telemetry

   investigating current Fennec Telemetry collection -

   using an uploader service for Telemetry pings (bug 1220171

We were planning to have Fennec submit proper Unified Telemetry data anyway
(bug 1220177 <>
tracks), this just potentially accelerates the schedule for that.

We will look into having Fennec sent proper Unified Telemetry pings, but
this will require some investigations and Android-specific design first.

Given that we are already designing a light-weight ping approach for mobile
Firefox (starting with iOS, a design doc for comment will come around
soon), we are considering implementing this for Android first before
investigating the full ping sending.

This could be a viable short-term option as this:


   would send critical core metrics in a very light-weight package

   could be implemented relatively quickly as a proof-of-concept

Moving forward we should:


   have a proper kickoff for this

   find out what the key product metrics are (and if they match the ones we
   use for the iOS design)
   - get some understanding of the timeframes

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