Firefox for iOS Startup Crash

Stefan Arentz sarentz at
Mon Nov 9 03:10:39 UTC 2015

We still have a nasty startup crash that is happening for some people. Both
on 1.0.1 and 1.2.

(Note that 1.2 is not released yet. We will release 1.1 pretty soon and 1.2
is ready as a followup bugfix release)

*This bug will deserves high priority*

I would like to start a discussion here to figure out what we can do in
terms of debugging this.

As a refresher, here are some details that we have been able to extract
from testers:

* The app starts, but does not go past the splash screen
* We have had reports of this for both iPhone and iPad
* People report that the device reboots (the white apple on black screen
happens) - but in reality it is just SpringBoard (the home screen)
* We have one console log -
* We do not see this crash in Xcode or in crash-stats

What did I miss?

Some thoughts:

* We need to figure out what code exactly is executed while the splash
screen is visible
* Can we add some verbose logging to the application to find out how far it
progresses before the crash happens? What do we do before it happens.
* Not sure if this is related to sync - how do we confirm
* Gut feeling says it is related to opening many webviews at startup - how
do we confirm
* In our test builds we can include debugging code and extra UI to help
debug this. Because this is a startup bug, we can also consider to include
system preferences. For example I would like to see a "Close Tabs at
Startup" checkbox there that when flipped removes the tab state restoration
file. That way we can ask people who see this crash to try some things and
see if they get past it.

All ideas welcome.

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