Firefox for Android 45 development cycle

Margaret Leibovic mleibovic at
Tue Nov 3 20:33:44 UTC 2015

Hi friends,

Happy (belated, as always) merge day! Here's another quick update to
highlight some of the things the Android team is going to be focusing on
for the next 6 week development cycle.

New work:
- Family-friendly browsing improvements, including content filtering (
- Settings reorganization (
- smsto: and mms/mmsto: support (

Ongoing work:
- Downloadable fonts/hyphenation dictionaries (
- Distinguish between local and remote history visits (
- Revisiting the user pref to open an external link in a private tab (
- Improved "Send tab to device" flow (
- Push notifications (

Ongoing work from our awesome volunteer contributors:
- Zoomed view (
- Click-to-view images (
- Integrate search query history as a synced data type (

As always, our work is tracked in our roadmap in Aha!: (requires account,
follow up with me if you would like read-only permissions)
(public view)

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