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Wed Jun 24 20:03:20 UTC 2015

Hi All,

This is an introductory mail to announce our (nascent) initiative towards a new project to make a slimmed down leaner and faster Firefox for Android targeted towards bandwidth conscious markets. Initially conceptualized in Mozilla Taskforce MeetUp India, the idea was to make a feature streamlined version of Firefox for Android which is not only slimmer in download size, but also considerably lighter on the device, then it got extended with participation from Mozilla Bangladesh Community too! The name is yet on the wind so call it Fennec Mini / Firefox Mini / Chota Firefox whatever you want.

After a few initial meeting quickly a lot of ideas and features (or the ones we want to strip and improve!) started piling up. And now we think we can take it further and wanted to share this with the all of us in the community for feedback and participation!

Most of the discussions till date can be found out here : <>
As well as the videos of the 2nd and 3rd hangout : <> and <> 

In short with very precise task points what we right now plan to do is

Make/tweak the build system to automatically strip down features we want to be removed from the build
To do that we need
A list of the features we have identified reduces the apt size for the browser. Not just any feature, but only those which significantly does this
A way to extend granular support in the build system so that we can implement a way so that we can  flag a feature to be removed (without breaking the build). In short a lot of struggle with grade too.
Extend the test suites to cover our scenarios
Handle all the regression woes that will come with that (and all the accompanying necessary evils…)
Work with specific locale builds (so excluding not-needed language packs) and also take inspiration from this kind of bug <> (in short try to see what happened here and make that happen for other resources)

And a lot of other things which we should discuss a lot more into future hangouts!

We would love to hear your ideas about this and to see you take part in this!

Rabimba Karanjai
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