Update on mentored bugs ([good next bug])

Michael Comella michael.l.comella at gmail.com
Fri Feb 6 12:20:02 PST 2015

Hello, everyone!

We had a discussion today during our weekly front-end meeting about
mentored bugs and our current use of the [good first bug], [good second
bug], ... [good nth bug] tags. We decided that the use of these tags beyond
[good first bug] was subjective by the reportee and different per
contributor, and thus not very useful.

Instead, we decided to have the following standardized whiteboard tags for
bugs with assigned mentors:

   1. [good first bug] - a bug in which the code change is trivial so the
   experience is more about setting up a build environment and learning the
   code check-in process
   2. [good next bug] - a bug to tackle after a [good first bug] - involves
   code changes that are accessible to developers unintiated with the Firefox
   for Android code base
   3. (no whiteboard tags) - generally a bug to tackle after a [good next
   bug] (or a few [good next bug]s), requires some knowledge of the Firefox
   for Android code base to tackle

Continue to use [lang=*] tags for bugs as well as ad-hoc tags (e.g. [needs
db experience], [bad first bug]) to point out things not immediately

Note: I will move all [good nth bug] tags (that are not "first") via a mass
bugzilla query - I will reply to the message when the transition is

- Mike (:mcomella)
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