[iOS devs: action required] firefox-ios is branched

Richard Newman rnewman at mozilla.com
Fri Aug 28 14:58:00 UTC 2015

"v1.0" is the branch against which to do 1.0.* work. Make sure that when
you create a pull request, or think about landing an outstanding one, you
pick the right target branch! That's still Swift 1.2 and Xcode 6.4.

master now requires Xcode 7b6.

The README on each branch mentions these.

master builds and runs, but it's crashy and our tests don't pass. That's
the new focus for migration work.

Work you do against v1.0 that should also ship in 1.1 — which is likely
everything — will need to land *in two places*. Sometimes you can do this
via cherry-picking and fixing. Sometimes you'll need to implement it twice.
I recommend having two different checkouts of the repo (or at least two
working trees). Stick with Mac OS 10.10 running Xcode side by side until
we're done with the v1.0 branch.
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