Process for evaluating features after a merge to Aurora

Mark Finkle mfinkle at
Thu May 29 13:31:40 PDT 2014

Hi All, 

Just an FYI that the Firefox for Android team will be getting a bit more strict with evaluating the readiness of features after a merge to Aurora. In general, we've found that we do too much "catch-up" work on Aurora, and sometimes Beta, as we hurry to get features fixed and polish as they ride the trains out to release. It causes some inefficiencies and stress, as well as the potential for lower quality releases. 

Therefore, we intend to start being a bit more strict with features that merge to Aurora. If a feature is not deemed ready - either for UX, polish or stability reason - we'll back it out or turn it off in Aurora. We'll be meeting early the week of a merge to discuss feature readiness. 

We did not want this action to be seen as anything other than making sure Firefox for Android is the best it can be. Getting a feature backed out of Aurora is not the worst thing that can happen. Shipping a poorly functioning feature is much worse. 

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