Page load stalling / reload (was: Reddit UX feedback)

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Wed May 21 19:31:51 PDT 2014

Richard Newman wrote, On 21.05.2014 21:55:
> Drop DNS cache? Kill all open sockets in a vain attempt to get Android 
> to switch us to the new network interface? Shutdown and restart necko?
> From a black-box perspective, it looks like Gecko is hanging on to 
> some stale resource, waiting for a timeout (or worse, not timing out).
> Nuke the world would mean discarding any persistent resource that the 
> network stack uses, reacquiring through the normal first-use process.

Yes, that, exactly.

As an educated user, I have the same impression: Firefox is hanging on 
too long to connections that are long dead, and doesn't notice it.

What I do *not* want in that situation is:
* Gecko to be killed
* Cache to be dropped and resources that were already loaded fine to be 

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