Reddit UX feedback

Gian-Carlo Pascutto gpascutto at
Wed May 21 13:18:29 PDT 2014

On 21/05/2014 21:55, Richard Newman wrote:

> A similar behavior sometimes even happens when you get the "you are not
> connected" error page. The Try Again button is useless about 80% of the
> time, even though I am quite happily browsing Facebook on the network
> connection that Firefox insists doesn't exist. Probably that's just due
> to the network state listener not being right, but who knows?

I think that's the case I meant here:

"On that note, you can currently only (try to) reload a page once. Which
sucks in that use case."

Where you are looking at a page, the network connection is working fine
(now), but you can't reload it because you previously tried to load it
while the network was still getting its act together, and now our
UX+Gecko refuses to even give you the option.

Something is obviously remembered.


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