Reddit UX feedback

Gian-Carlo Pascutto gpascutto at
Wed May 21 10:45:32 PDT 2014

Backstory: I made a joke about our open position for a Mobile UX
designer and the reddit "pitchforks" attitude towards Australis. Someone
commented that mobile UX sucked. I asked why. He didn't respond...but
many of our other users did, and in a quite constructive manner.

Summary of top issues:
* Possibility to reorder the tabs (bug 782756)
* Possibility to reorder bookmarks/put in folders (bug ? - I assume we
have one for this already?)

* Zoom in when user presses on links that are close on screen (Chrome
feature, no bug)
* Clicking reader mode & other icons is too hard (bug 1013797)
* Scroll distance before Awesomebar returns is too big (I think I agree
- no bug)

* Undo "close tab" (Chrome has this)
* Bookmarks widget (Chrome has this)

* Synced tabs view is unusable (bug 852595/991826)
* No ability to "Sync Now" like desktop
* No way to remove stale devices form Sync/FxA
* Deleting a desktop bookmark accidentally can't be reversed (bug 1014029)

* Downloads don't show up in Android downloads (bug 901360)

* Can't reload pages with one hand/reload button needs to be more
accessible (What does UI telemetry say about how much people reload?
IIRC it was surprisingly high)


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