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Mark Finkle mfinkle at
Thu May 15 09:10:13 PDT 2014

What is the add-on trying to do? Does it try to update UI? 

I would expect that if the add-on installs that it should be able to execute non-UI functionality. 

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> Hi,

> Does GeckoView support add-ons?

> I've tried modifying the sample GeckoBrowser app (
> ) to include an extension (by
> placing it under distribution/extensions) and calling
> Distribution.init(this) in The extension appears to be
> installed on first run (I could see the extension XPI under the profile
> directory) however it does not appear to be working - it works fine in
> Fennec.

> Is there any way to make an add-on work with GeckoView?

> Thanks,
> John

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