[ann] In-app locale switching landed in Fennec

Richard Newman rnewman at mozilla.com
Wed May 14 08:49:05 PDT 2014

Good morning all!

Bug 917480, the locale switching UI that we've been working on, merged to m-c this morning.

As myk already discovered, and nalexander messaged this morning, this requires SDK 17 to build. Please upgrade if you need to.

I'll have a proper developer guide finished at some point in the next few work days, but in the mean time, the normal call to action: try it out!

Our official Nightlies are multi-locale, so find the option in Settings and go to town.

If you're running single-locale builds, there's not a lot you can do, but I'm very interested in any bugs you find. File them in the component:


If you're running multi-locale developer builds, even better. Cutting-edge!

Comments, questions, and outright confusion most welcome.


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