A consistent listener implementation

Nick Alexander nalexander at mozilla.com
Mon May 5 11:37:19 PDT 2014

Hey, didn't want this to get zero responses.

> I attempted to design a generic ListenerManager that could be used to manage listeners
> for any interface. There are definitely a few drawbacks (which I listed in the paste bin) but
> I would just like to open up the discussion for creating something like this. Feedback please!

I think your implementation is fine -- I've written essentially the same 
myself, in fact -- but I also think you've exposed the fact that 
expressing this thought in Java ends up looking like a bad expression of 
the thought.  Fennec, Android Background Services, and even Android 
itself, have all elected to make interfaces one-shot deals.  In the end, 
the abstraction does not win enough to make it worthwhile.


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