[Input Requested] Handling Downloads on Froyo (2.2)

"Yuan Xulei(袁徐磊)" xyuan at mozilla.com
Wed Feb 26 21:52:20 PST 2014

On 02/26/2014 09:52 AM, Joshua Dover wrote:
> I’ve been working on offloading our downloads to use Android’s 
> built-in download manager to gain quite a few benefits (which for 
> brevity’s sake I won’t cover here, but you can follow the progress in 
> bug 816318 <https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=816318>), but 
> most importantly a more consistent Android experience that users are 
> used to.
> Unfortunately, the DownloadManager system service was not available 
> until Gingerbread so we have a few alternatives for Froyo devices that 
> I’d like some input on:
> 1) Use our existing implementation that uses nsIDownloadManager
> We have an existing download mechanism that works that we can fall 
> back to for Froyo devices. We can continue shipping this as a fall 
> back until Froyo usage (currently ~2%) has decreased enough that we 
> drop support all-together.
> There’s also been work on bug 901360 
> <https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=901360> to transition to 
> the newer Downloads.jsm backend that desktop uses that we could land. 
> Benefits include putting downloads on a background thread.
> 2) We lift Froyo’s Download content provider from source
> Froyo does have a Downloads content provider 
> <http://androidxref.com/2.2.3/xref/packages/providers/DownloadProvider/src/com/android/providers/downloads/DownloadProvider.java> 
> that we could possibly use similar to how it is used here 
> <http://androidxref.com/2.2.3/xref/packages/apps/Browser/src/com/android/browser/BrowserActivity.java#2900>. 
> This would make the download for us, and then we would need to build a 
> simple activity that simply lists the downloads and allows for opening 
> and deleting. Unfortunately, the content provider is only available to 
> system-level application due to a system permission 
> <http://androidxref.com/2.2.3/xref/packages/providers/DownloadProvider/AndroidManifest.xml#10> 
> required, so we would need to pull the entire source and get that 
> working ourselves.
I had done similar work before. The source code is available here:

I got many feedback from android developers that they need embed a 
download content provider into their apps.
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