[Input Requested] Handling Downloads on Froyo (2.2)

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at beonex.com
Wed Feb 26 10:24:04 PST 2014

Nick Alexander wrote, On 26.02.2014 17:04:
> Long term, considering Firefox across all platforms, I think it is 
> crucial that we integrate with the platform as much as possible.

I fully agree in principle. I really couldn't agree more. For example, I 
have been a strong proponent of a native widget implementation of XUL 
widgets back in 2000, kind-of like SWT in Java, while we were like 
Swing. People shot me down. So, I completely agree with your general 

I think this case is different, for 2 reasons:

1) Download is for me part of the core purpose of a browser: Fetching 
and displaying things from the Internet. The "fetching" is an important 
part of a browser, and I would prefer to have a choice of different 
implementations rather than being stuck with a sub-par implementation of 
my platform.

2) If the download manager in Android was clearly better than ours - 
i.e. feature parity or better, and better UI/platform integration - I 
would concur. Given that it's actually worse, it's clearly a step back 
to use it. Once the platform catches up with us and is clearly better, 
then the switch can be made. Not before, while we are better. Why should 
we give up a competitive advantage, an hands-on useful feature for the 
end user?


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