[Input Requested] Handling Downloads on Froyo (2.2)

Wesley Johnston wjohnston at mozilla.com
Wed Feb 26 09:00:30 PST 2014

FWIW, I agree with this. I'm glad Josh has looked into our options on Froyo, but I'm not a big fan of any solution that requires us to use non-public API's. Especially on old phones that none of us use. I'm glad to see this debate happen on a slightly larger stage though and hear from other users/engineers.

Thinking longer term, even without the Froyo problem I wonder if we want to keep some form of our current download frontend around. i.e. we'll also lose some things like private downloads that I assume are very important to some users, and in turn we're now exposing your downloads to a larger set of apps. (We already do that some extent. Downloaded images are automatically added to the media scanner for instance.) We should probably bring this up for sec review.

The code to use the system download manager is much simpler than our old DM code, but I'm still debating in my head if its worth the effort to maintain both (switchable via. a hidden pref). We're already a bit behind desktop's implementation since we haven't moved to Downloads.jsm yet. Worst case though, there's nothing preventing us from moving the old code to an add-on.

- Wes

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> Unfortunately, the DownloadManager system service was not available until Gingerbread so we have a few alternatives for Froyo devices that I’d like some input on:

No point in optimizing the experience for 2% and falling, so the only question is: which option is the least amount of work?

That sounds like (1) to me, unless the maintenance and testing effort for that is bigger than it seems.

(2) sounds like "rewrite the download system twice". (3) sounds like "rewrite the download system twice".

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