[Input Requested] Handling Downloads on Froyo (2.2)

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at beonex.com
Wed Feb 26 01:42:25 PST 2014

> Cons: [of new, native implementation]
> * No way to pause downloads (at least on my devices)
> * Tapping the native notifications doesn't provide any useful feedback
> * Native UI is awful about errors states.

Hello Joshua,

the cons above seem very severe to me. Esp. the ability to pause and 
resume a download is highly useful on a thin connection.
Likewise, error reporting in general is critical.

If we were using the native download manager right now, and the 
pros/cons were as you listed them, I would see it as a big step forward 
to remove the native downloader and switch to our own.
Thus, I would recommend against proceeding with this whole bug.

If you nonetheless go forward with it, to directly answer your question, 
I would suggest you leave the current code in (Option 1), and make a 
preference about which implementation to use. On Android 2.2, it would 
always use the Mozilla implementation. On 2.3 and higher, it would look 
at the pref on which one to use.

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