[rfc] Investigations into loading Fennec's Gecko resources (chrome, components, and modules) from the assets/ directory

Richard Newman rnewman at mozilla.com
Mon Feb 24 12:28:57 PST 2014

> 2) We have no easy way to reference Android assets.  That is, we have no equivalent of WebView's file://android_asset.  I think GeckoView consumers will want this; it's the easiest way (by far!) to ship static assets as part of your Android application.  (We already did lots of work [4] [5] to ship libraries and omni.ja itself in assets/, with an eye to making IDE builds and shipping GeckoView-based applications easier.)  This is surprisingly easy to arrange; I've updated Bug 948465 with some thoughts [6].

We do support the drawable: scheme:

android/modules/WebappManager.jsm:311:            icon: "drawable://alert_app",

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