Sync promo banner and dynamic snippets enabled on Nightly

Margaret Leibovic margaret.leibovic at
Sun Feb 23 22:37:41 PST 2014

Hi folks,

I wanted to give you a heads up that I landed a patch [1] over the weekend
to enable the sync promo banner on Nightly. You should only see this banner
if you've never set up sync (old or new), and it should go away forever if
you hit the "x" button on it [2]. There's already a bug filed about the
fact that the banner doesn't go away after you click it to set up sync [3],
but if you find any other issues, please file bugs and cc me.

We also recently re-enabled dynamic snippets (messages from our Mozilla
servers that show up in this same banner space), and we plan to re-commence
testing with messages in the near future. Last time we tested this feature,
we discovered a lot of problems (a.k.a. the "Thanks for using Nightly!"
banner of doom). We believe we've fixed all of these problems, but if you
see any new banner-related issues, please bring them to my attention, and
I'll make sure we fix them.


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