Firefox hub update

Margaret Leibovic margaret.leibovic at
Thu Feb 20 17:35:34 PST 2014

Hi folks,

I just wanted to give a brief update on the status of our Firefox hub
project [1] (a.k.a. third-party service integration, or home page
customization). This morning we went through our list of open bugs and
marked bugs that are required for shipping this feature as P1. You can take
a look at these bug lists here:

If you've been working on this feature at all (or even if you haven't), I
would especially encourage you to look at the unowned P1 bugs :)

We've also been working on some demo add-ons (linked in the wiki page) to
dogfood the new APIs we've been building, and we've been making an effort
to keep the documentation in that wiki page up to date. There will be some
API churn when we land bug 972306 soon, but I would encourage you to take a
look at these APIs if you're interested in developing add-ons for Firefox
for Android.


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