Mentoring unowned tracking-fennec:+ bugs

Margaret Leibovic margaret.leibovic at
Thu Feb 13 11:13:53 PST 2014

Hi all,

In triage [1] today, we started going through the list of unowned
tracking-fennec:+ bugs, labeling them with mentors, in the hopes that they
may be a good source of bugs for contributors who don't know what to work

We went through the list somewhat quickly, so some of these bugs may not be
valid anymore. If you were chosen to be a mentor for any of these bugs, I
would first like to thank you for allowing us to volunteer you :) Secondly,
I would encourage you to check on the validity of those bugs, and also to
add a [lang=java] (or whatever language would be used to fix the bug) tag
to the whiteboard to make the bugs easier to filter on bugsahoy [2].

I would also encourage you to just take a look at all of the bugs where
you're labeled as a mentor. Because these whiteboard labels are a bit of a
hack, there's not a perfect way to search for this, but doing a whiteboard
quicksearch for my name [3] works well for me.


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