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Fri Feb 7 11:59:31 PST 2014

Talking in #mobile this morning, it sounds like a lot of people didn't see
this message, so I'm forwarding it to mobile-firefox-dev.

We should try asking/answering some mobile questions and tagging them with
"fennec" :)

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Date: Mon, Feb 3, 2014 at 2:32 PM
Subject: Please give ask.mozilla.org for a spin
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A few people noticed that we do not have a nice, searchable knowledge base
for Gecko tech. We have places to ask questions such as various newsgroups,
irc and places to document things like the wikis. It is hard to search
through all of that, so questions get repeated.

Lets give ask.mozilla.org a try. If you see someone asking questions on IRC
or newsgroups, please ask them to write the question on ask.m.o and answer
it there. If the answer is already documented elsewhere, provide a link in
the answer or duplicate it, up to you.

See http://ask.mozilla.org/question/3/why-use-askmozillaorg/?answer=4#post-
id-4 for more info :)

If you would like to help customize the theme and admin* this, please ping


* You only get admin rights if I know you

** Please note, this is a tech preview to get a feel if people will
appreciate this. If we find this service to be useful, we'll invest more
into this(eg SSL, custom theme, persona login, etc)

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