Proposal to temporarily suspend Autophone Network shaping

Bob Clary bob at
Fri Feb 7 11:26:10 PST 2014

Our remote results are still noisier than I would like. I feel there are 
unknown factors that are affecting our remote results. It is difficult 
to analyze root causes of the variability in the measurements we are 
getting due to our networking situation:

1) We are using my wifi network which is subject to congestion and 
interference between the phones.

2) We are using ipfw+dummynet to shape the network for the phones in 
Autophone. I don't have measurements of the behavior of the data without 
ipfw+dummynet and can't compare its effect on our remote measurements.

For #1, we have the suggestion to use ethernet over usb in bug 969518 
[1] but I think this might be problematic especially on older versions 
of android. This might take a bit of time to implement and I would 
rather not gate on it.

For #2, I would like to temporarily stop using ipfw+dummynet so that I 
can do a before/after comparison.

I feel the remote tests are currently noisy enough that their utility is 
limited and that this change would not negatively affect us. If you 
really truly miss the ipfw+dummynet results, I can re-enable it after a 
few days.

Proposal: Stop using ipfw+dummynet beginning with 2014-02-08 builds. 
Revisit in a few days to see if we should turn ipfw+dummynet back on 
before we have the ethernet over usb solution in hand.


[1] <>

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