Profile size: big offenders

Richard Newman rnewman at
Mon Feb 3 10:41:44 PST 2014

>> I encourage y'all to pick something that particularly irks you and make some progress on figuring out why it's big and what we can do about it. I know Wes was working on some additional pruning, but this is a big and continuing effort, so help is appreciated.
> Why not have mobile drive this footprint-reduction effort? We only care about perf on desktop.

We're doing exactly that. This mail was addressed to mobile-firefox-dev, and we're tracking offending features and either fixing them or pushing their owners to fix them, as we did with seer.sqlite. See

But I would note that we care about footprint on desktop, too, just to a lesser extent. We've seen half-gig seer DBs, which is pretty impolite for a mere web browser, and I'm glad that's fixed!
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