Profile size: big offenders

Richard Newman rnewman at
Sat Feb 1 19:56:11 PST 2014

> key4.db is what NSS uses instead of key3.db when its SQLite backend is
> enabled (which AFAIK is not the default yet). Seems strange that it'd
> be in your profile without you knowing it!

Do you have any details on this (e.g., bug #s to read)? Grepping for "key4" only shows docs for command-line utils, and I can't see anything meaningful by skimming about:config. I could guess that this exists due to something being preffed on temporarily on Nightly when it shouldn't have been (this is a long-lived profile), but if there's a bug lurking here I'd like to find it.

>> 512K addons.sqlite
>> 23K addons.json               -- ** Does this means addons.sqlite can be deleted?
>> 11K extensions.json
>> 448K extensions.sqlite          -- ** Why is this different to addons? Why is it so big? Why do we have so many DBs?!
> Both these sqlite files should disappear (fallout from bug 853388 /
> bug 853389). I thought there was a followup bug on file to delete
> them, but I can't find it.

CCing Irving.

Irving, can you shed any light on when these DBs will be cleaned up?

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