Bootstrapping the new UI testing API

Lucas Rocha lucasr at
Wed Sep 4 02:47:14 PDT 2013

Hi all,

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> If you ever worked on tests based on our robocop harness, you probably
> noticed how unpleasant it is to work on them. Our current UI testing code
> suffers from two major problems:
> - Inconsistency/verbosity: The tests and their underlying API are very
> ad-hoc. We're duplicating a lot of code, the code is very verbose, and the
> current structure with BaseTest subclasses doesn't scale well and almost
> inevitably leads to bloated classes with tons of unrelated APIs.
> - Unreliability: The tests themselves are unreliable in many ways. Each test
> pokes the UI in a different way to check the same things.

I deeply care about keeping a nice and positive atmosphere in the our community. The bit above sounds overly negative and critical. I realize that many people have put energy into the current UI testing code and it's definitely not my intention to diminish anyone's contributions.

I don't want to set such a bad precedent in our community. So, my apologies for the negative tone here.

I'll do it better next time. Promise :-) 


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