Developing Firefox for Android using an IDE

Nick Alexander nalexander at
Thu Oct 10 22:02:03 PDT 2013

Hello mobile-firefox-dev,

I want to share a project that Brian Nicholson and I have been pursuing 
for a long time, but that Brian has really been driving: landing support 
for generating IDE project files into mozilla-central.

Our current approach is to land a mach command (tentatively called `mach 
projectify`) that takes a successfully built object directory and 
generates an IDE project directory for it (for example, IntelliJ or 
Eclipse).  The idea is that a new developer will execute

./mach bootstrap && ./mach build && ./mach package && ./mach projectify

and get something like a "standard" Android IDE experience.

For a number of reasons, some minor and some not-so-minor, this is 
challenging, and we're going to need lots of help making this happen and 
ironing out kinks.  Please follow meta Bug 92461 to track development [1].

A very rough WIP of `mach projectify` is at [2].  If you're feeling 
lucky (punk?) you can try it out [3].

Specifically, we'd like to get:

* data on what IDEs developers use and want to use;
* feedback on what features are most important;
* help testing;
* and help documenting whatever solutions we arrive at.

Please participate in this discussion and track the meta bug.  I'd 
really like to see this be an ongoing community project that makes 
developing Firefox for Android appealing to external Android developers 
and smooths the path for new contributors.  I'm confident Brian agrees.




[3] This tree is rough: it needs squashing and re-basing, and the ground 
is shifting underneath us fast (but in a good way: we're landing build 
simplifications and making the tree better for building with IDEs).

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